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About the Albums & Songs

New Hampshire On My Mind

New Hampshire On My Mind, Jim’s debut CD is a rollicking tour through the Granite State—its people, places and events, detailed and sung about in the way that only Jim can.  His tight rhymes and crisp, memorable lyrics make this CD a must-have for a trip through New Hampshire or as a gift to family and friends who need to remember life in the Granite State.

 Fourteen of Jim’s original songs, as he accompanies himself on six and twelve string guitar and 5 string banjo, with just a hint of percussion as well.

Click onto the song title to hear a brief sample. 

A Soldier’s Farewell presents a tribute to our men and women in uniform

 The Ballad of Grace Metalious details the life of the NH author, famous for Peyton Place.

 In the Cold November Rain is a testimony to the perseverance of New Hampshire farm families.

 The Only One on Earth is the story of Henniker, NH, the only town in the world by that name.

 I Don’t Want to Live in the City is a lively tune for those who love the country life.

 Fees!  Fees!  Fees! Chides the Legislature for its inability to balance the state budget.

 Trouble At The Dump  Its catchy lyrics detail small town bureaucratic foibles.

 Live Free or Die recounts the NH motto in a contemporary setting.

 Our Last Farewell is a love song inspired by friends of Jim’s

 The Day the Old Man Fell relates the loss of New Hampshire’s iconic symbol in May, 2005.

 Black Flies tells the tale of NH’s biggest seasonal pests

 The Portsmouth Whaler is the story of New Hampshire’s unsuccessful whaling industry.

 Flatlanders.  Love ‘em or hate ‘em, we need the tourists to keep our economy moving.

 The Maple Syrup Song tells about what we do in the late Winter/early Spring.


New Hampshire On My Mind is available for $10.00 plus $2.95 for shipping and handling.  Order today for immediate shipment, either to yourself or to a loved one who is “away.”  A gift that will be appreciated every time you listen.  Mail your check to:  Jim Barnes, 1947 NH Rt #140, Gilmanton Iron Works NH  03837.  Your CD will be shipped upon receipt of your payment.  Or pay by means of PayPal, by clicking the button below.



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Made in the Granite State

 Released on December 10, 2010, this CD is flying off the shelves! It contains 13 more “New Hampshire flavored songs” to capture the imagination of natives, transplants and tourists alike, such as:

 Sunny Summer Sunday, about a couple out for a quiet day of adventure.

 Old Friends.  We all need them.  And Jim has his.

 Driving My SUV.  It's New Hampshire, it's winter, it's a driver from "away."  Need we say more?

 A Summer Stroll takes you on an evening walk along a country road, celebrating all that is good about the New Hampshire countryside.

 First In The Nation.  We hold the first Presidential Primary in New Hampshire.  It's been that way since the 50's and it won't change.  Nope.

 The Parable of the Peach.  A dandy little song, with a bit of a moral.

 A Stranger In My Home Town.  New Hampshire is changing, as one man learns when he comes home for a visit.

 Satisfy My Mind.  When you get to a certain time of life, it's what you need to do.

 Afghanistan.  A song about our nation's misadventures in that far away land.

 Cranky Old Yankee (Part I).  So many of the old timers in New Hampshire have something to say about just about everything. 

 Homecoming.  A brave New Hampshire soldier returns from war.

 Everybody's Gotta Be From Somewhere reminds us of how the population of New Hampshire has changed and how we all need to go with the flow.

 Bringing It All Back Home.  When the traveling is done, New Hampshire is the place to come home to.

  Made in the Granite State is available for $10.00 plus $2.95 shipping and handling.  Buiy both CDs and pay ONE SHIPPING ONLY!  What a great way to introduce newcomers to New Hampshire, or to remind them of what they are missing!  Order today!  Send your check to:  Jim Barnes, 1947 NH Rt #140, Gilmanton Iron Works, NH  03837.  Your CD will be shipped upon receipt of your payment.

 Or you can pay by credit card, by clicking on the button up above.


You Can't Get There From Here

Fourteen more songs from New Hampshire's favorite Balladeer:

Featuring special guest fiddler, Jordan Tirrell-Wysocki

It's a Cold, Dark Snowy Winter's Night: Oh yeah, we have them here

Apple Pickin' Time:  It's what we do here in the Fall

April:  The most confounding month of the year, if not the cruelest.

Cranky Old Yankee, Part II:  The old bird is back, with more of his outrageous, biased opinions on just about everything.

Don't Give Up Your Day Job:  Jim's tribute to retirees everywhere

Hard Times:  The government may tell you the econmy's better, but is it really?

It Started Here:  The truth about how the American Revolution really began.

Knuckledragger Farm:  Jimmy Buffet may have Margaritaville, but here in New Hampshire there's a place.....

Snow Day:  For many, this is the best day of the school year.

The Backyard Swing:  A special bond exists between fathers and daughters.  Jim has been fortunate to have raised two girls.

They Don't Build Them That Way Anymore:  Be it bridges or people, things aren't the same as they used to be.

You Can't Get There From Here:  Whether you're driving or politicking, you just have to understand how to get from one place to another.

When the Last Leaves Fall:  Another season in New Hampshire signals the end of one thing and the beginning of another.

New Hampshire Benediction:  Until we meet again, may God bless you all.

Music samples will be available someday!


Meanwhile, Back in New Hampshire

Jim's most recent release, contains another fourteen "New Hampshire-flavored" songs, great for listening as you drive:

Grandma's Blueberry Pie

At The Fair

Sittin' On My Back Porch

I Want An Old Fashioned Christmas

Memories of Ann

Put Your Camo On

Justice for Celina

Moments in Time

Cider Donuts

The Treasure of Henry Allen Jones

The Work of the Farmers

The New Hampshire Waltz

The Ballad of the Thresher

Signs of the Times

An exciting album of Irish pub-style tunes:

On The Rocky Road To Dublin

16 traditional Irish songs.  (It's how Jim got his start, as an Irish singer.)   


Songs include:


Courtin in the Kitchen           The Greenland Fisheries

 Tim Finnegan's Wake           Young Roddy McCorley

The Moonshiner                    The Wild Colonial Boy

Whiskey In the Jar                Goodbye, Mrs. Durkin

The Jug of Punch                             The Wild Rover

Fiddler's Green              By the Rising of the Moon

The Mermaid                                  Rosin the Bow

On The Rocky Road To Dublin     The Parting Glass


The more you buy, the more you will save.  Two CD's will ship at the same price as one and 3 CD's will only cost an extra $2.00 for the 3rd shipping.  For all five titles the shipping will be $8.95.  Here is your opportunity to own all of Jim Barnes' great music--his original songs as well as the traditional Irish album.


Don't know which one to choose?  Here's a hint:  Many people request Flatlanders and Trouble at the Dump, from New Hampshire On My Mind, but other folks ask for Sunny Summer Sunday and The Parable of the Peach from Made in the Granite State, while still others request Apple Pickin' Time and A New Hampshire Benediction from You Can't Get There From Here or Grandma's Blueberry Pie, or Put Your Camo On  from Meanwhile, Back in New Hampshire...  What to do?  Just buy them all; you'll enjoy each one!

Jim's new CD, Meanwhile, Back in New Hampshire... is now available and selling wonderfully.  Get your copy today!