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A Dozen (and more) reasons to become a Jim Barnes, Balladeer sponsor

Sponsorship has its benefits:  As a sponsor of Jim Barnes, Balladeer, your company will receive:

Placement on the Sponsor and Links page of Jim's website for one year

Placement on Jim's Performance Board on the day of your sponsored event

Placement on Jim's Performance Board upcoming events page for two months or more

Live commercials during the performance.  One per performance hour, to advertise your business.

Media advertising (radio and newspaper), naming your company as an event sponsor.

A complimentary CD--either New Hampshire On My Mind or Made in The Granite State--the choice is yours!

10% off CD's for your employees.  Direct purchase only.  Not available on CD's purchased at any retail location.

A reduced rate for your Company's event, be it a summer outing or Christmas party.

Maybe, just maybe, your company will have a verse or song written, such as the Dr. Stephanie song, for Crossroads Chiropractic, or the verse mentioning Alton Home and Lumber in Duct Tape.

Mention of your company at non-sponsored events.  Mentions always help!

Your event highlighted on Jim's monthly e-mail update, sent to hundreds of fans all over the region

You can have your material available at Jim's performance.  You provide the goods (coffee mugs, T-shirts, etc) and Jim will give them away for you.

Placement on posters prior to the scheduled event.

Jim's sincere gratitude. He will work hard for you!

Sponsorship is a different and unique way for you to reach your customers.  Call Jim today to discuss your sponsorship opportunity:  603-364-5834.